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Welcome to the updated website of Zala Wine Route Association. In addition to the new appearance, the website assists in providing information to visitors in four languages now. The website has been expanded within the framework of the project ’Borderless Wine Culture’ supported by the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Slovenia-Hungary 2007-2013.


The Zala Wine Route Association with a membership of over 100 now was founded in 1999 with a view to providing organizational and professional support for developments in wine tourism of self-governments, vineyards and viniculturists-oenologists in the Wine Country of Zala.

The aim of the association is to promote the protection of cultural and historical heritage of the Wine Country of Zala, preservation and handing down of its culture and traditions as well as the expansion of tourism in the region with the development of wine routes. The Zala Wine Route Association primarily deals with the organization of social marketing, image building of the Wine Routes of Zala in addition to developing and strengthening national and international network of relations for wine tourism in Zala, with the help of which the association intends to reinforce and increase tourism demand for the products of wine tourism as well as help with and support oenologists in the wine country in the sale of their quality wine.

You can get further information about the organization under the menu item ’Association’.

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The Association of Wine- and Fruit-Growers in Lendava

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City of Zalaszentgrót

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  • Our important partners

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